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Family Programs


Home Visits

Our 'Street Team' loves visiting our House of Faith-Abilene children and families at their homes! Home visits happen a day or two before the club day.  With each visit we like to give the child a flyer with a reminder about club, their memory verse and information about the lesson they are learning. This visit makes the child feel special and unique while giving us the opportunity to build relationships not just with the child(ren) but with their families.


Parent University

When you become a parent you aren't given an instruction manual.  This program is for the whole family, but focus on the parents who join together to learn about the different assets needed to help raise highly capable children.

   This is a great time to bond with other parents while learning how to be a better parent.  

Parent University (PU) Reunion times are special events when the graduates of PU and their families all join back together for a fun family filled afternoon. Food, games and fun are the name of the game, however the parents also gather together to discuss any challenges they may be facing and are reminded about the assets they learned about. 


Family Fun Days

Family Fun Days are anytime we spend time with our families.  From swimming, to picnics to special programs, these days are designed to build family relationships and offer parents a safe environment to take their children.  We believe that God designed familes to represent his love.  We want all our families to know how much God loves them. 

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